One Line Book Reviews

Don’t have time to find something good to read? Peruse these one line book reviews of newly published and bestselling books and you will find a great read in no time:

Book coverA great historic and scientific exploration about how humans have found their way over time and how our brains developed because of it.



Book Cover

Discover what happens when librarians, books, and information enter a community.




The struggles are real in this book, but the writing keeps you rooting for the protagonist and her tenacious will to survive!



Water Dancer Book CoverAn inventive social and historical novel that follows the main character’s complicated journey of self-discovery with a fantastical twist.



Book cover of Ted Chiang's ExhalationThis collection of brainy short stories—authored by a technical manual writer—provide meditative entertainment (yes, I believe this type of entertainment is possible!) and endless creativity.



Image shows book cover of Antisocial by Andrew MarantzExplore in-depth ethnographic research about social media antiheroes, their mindset, and the rise in addiction to experiencing extreme emotions.



Book cover of Becoming

Tells the story of finding a way to live an ambitious, fulfilling, and balanced life even when faced with surprising uncertainties. 




Shows how fake news works and uncovers the length predators and their allies will go to hide their illegal behavior and silence victims.




Land of Wolves Book CoverFollow the great Wyoming sheriff on a murder investigation full of mysterious circumstances, mistaken identities, a wolf, and a dog named Dog.




Book cover of Edward Snowden's Permanent RecordFind out what it takes to expose the inner workings of government intelligence agencies in this clear, tight memoir which also makes a convincing argument about civil liberties on the Web.




Book cover of EducatedExplore the mysteries of physical violence in families and the role of resiliency, independence, and self-determination in this masterfully written memoir.




Cover of The Ninth House book A gripping murder mystery with a fantastical element that takes place in a university setting complete with secret societies, libraries, and beings beyond the veil.




Book cover of The ParadeSpare, engaging story about two foreign soldier-contractors in a foreign land who react to their duties–and the tragedy that occurs–in very different ways.




Book cover of No Time to SpareLeGuin doesn’t disappoint in these poignant essays about life and aging (essays are great reading for those short on time or attention span).





This well-researched history tells another story of Christopher Columbus and the quest of his son to seek order in the world through building a library.